Q. Do I need previous martial arts experience to practice WingTsun?

A. No. While previous martial arts experience will not adversely affect learning WingTsun there is something to be said about learning with a clean slate.

Q. Do I need to “get in shape” before starting WingTsun classes?

A. No. One of the many benefits of WingTsun training is that it will get you in shape all on its own!

Q. Can I sit in and observe a class?

At Gotham Kung Fu, we believe the best way to decide whether or not Gotham Kung Fu and you are a good fit, is to dive right in and get “hands-on” experience. Therefore, we feel it is best to actually participate in our exciting and fun-filled introductory class rather than passively sitting on the sidelines as a spectator.

Q. What should I wear to my first lesson?

A. Comfortable workout clothes (t-shirts, sweats, etc.) and a pair of athletic shoes is all you need.

Q. Can I be a ninja?

A. Gotham Kung Fu will supply you with the finest martial arts training in WingTsun kung fu. What you do with it once you leave the classroom is your business…We don’t want to know.

Q. Will WingTsun skills aid me in the zombie apocalypse?

A. YES! Whether it is the zombies crashing through the front door to devour you and your family or the “zombies” blocking your path as they stare up at the pretty buildings on your way to work, WingTsun skills will come in quite handy.