What is Gotham Kung Fu?

What makes Gotham Kung Fu unique is reflected in our teaching methodology. We use the time-tested approach of WingTsun Kuen, a 300-year old Chinese martial art, to help our students attain the skills specific to thriving in the modern world. We bring the benefits of kung fu training into the present day with a well-rounded, dynamic, safe, and most of all fun teaching curriculum. We keep all the positive aspects such as discipline, respect, and integrity while avoiding the stuffy trappings sometimes associated with traditional martial arts training. Simply put, Gotham Kung Fu’s WingTsun program brings all of the benefits while trimming away the unnecessary and cumbersome dogma.

At Gotham Kung Fu we realize that WingTsun training provides a pathway to multiple rewards, with the understanding that not all people pursue martial arts for the same reasons. Therefore at Gotham Kung Fu, our teaching curriculum allows for a personalized experience for both the individual student and their personal goals while giving them the fun and energizing experience of a group class setting. Whether you are a first-timer looking to try a new and unique approach to fitness and well-being, a life-long martial artist looking to expand your knowledge and skills, or a security/ law enforcement professional wanting to add to your arsenal of defensive tactics, Gotham Kung Fu’s team of expert instructors is here to meet your needs.